Nature Needs Us

As I learned about the many different wicked problems, I didn’t realize how big these issues really were during our time. I wasn’t very surprised about a couple of them though, like habitat loss and deforestation, because I had heard about these before. What really caught me was that the human race was causing these problems and nothing major is being done about it. After watching the movie, the 11th Hour, it made me feel so sad and upset about all the harm that is being caused to our planet. Before watching this film, I rarely thought about climate change since I had no firsthand experience with it. Also, about how the Earth is running out of fresh water because it is being polluted with toxic chemicals, which made me nervous thinking about that. My first thought after this film ended, was that after realizing these issues, I wanted to change my behavior to become more sustainable. The film really made me open my eyes to a different perspective of the world in where my mind has opened up to take these issues into consideration.

When I read, The Lessons of Easter Island, the part that caught my attention was how many trees the tribe on that island was wasting knowing they had little resources on that island left. I wish they would have realized that they were wasting so many trees since the island was small. If I had been in their situation, I would have stopped trying to move the statues with new trees every time and just reuse the same few or just not move them at all. As I discussed with my classmates, we all agreed that they were being wasteful, causing deforestation, which led the tribe to collapse. It taught me a lesson, that if I or the human race don’t stop and see what little is left of our resources, our civilization could possibly collapse in the future. I just really enjoyed learning about all these wicked problems in class and finding possible solutions.

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