Sustainability and Easter Island

History can teach us many things about the past to help us better shape our future. By looking closely at the case of Easter island, one can begin to see its similarities to our current world, and how the outcomes of Easter Island could be those of our planet. In “The 11th Hour”, the filmmakers discussed several problems facing our planet, these included population growth, climate change, and deforestation. These issues are the same problems that drove the society that existed on Easter Island to complete destruction. They are truly wicked, and several of our solutions may not work, and they could even cause more consequences. The reason we as a society study history is so that way we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, and the reason we have analyzed Eater island is so that we do not destroy our planet as the Easter Islanders destroyed their island. Which is why we should continue to find the next solution to our wicked problems facing our planet.

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