The Worlds Time Bomb is Clicking

Have you ever heard of people referencing our destruction? Have you witnessed how horrible people can be? Or how about how ungrateful people are for what they have? Our world has become so self focused that the focus on our sustainability and the health of the earth has deteriorated. That in the next few years the extent of our mistreatment of the earth may be so severe that there might be no habitual land or not enough resources like in Easter Island. Food that once was easily accessible and abundant will become scarce, and as an overpopulated nation people will either die from starvation or result to cannibalism. If we do not start to change our bad habits and start fixing the fixable then we may find ourselves at a point of total collapse.

It only takes a small group of people to stand against this issue and address on of the many issues. I have began to evaluate what i can do or what i have been doing to help correct these issues. All it would take was a few ours of volunteering or petitioning for new laws, or spreading more knowledge on the issues at hand. Anyone could help out. They can go around their neighborhood and picking up trash they find, people can plant trees, water plants, sort recyclable, and more. I am not a hero in this matter. i do not do nearly enough to protect our earth from total collapse. However, i do not stand alone. Change is necessary and needed if one is to be save our home from collapse. And one person changing their ways is not enough to do it.

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