Week 9

Hello! 🙂

Week 9 is complete and time is flying by! In class last week we were required to read an article, share a memory about an old, valuable item, and complete a design probes package.(sounds weird, huh? will explain more, keep reading!)

In the article related to merchandising, there was a study done on how older people get around in grocery stores. The study suggested a solution that included designing a store that allowed people to use a device to order their groceries and have them brought out. This idea reminded me of Walmart’s new pick-up option. This could be a good idea whenever considering older peoples mobility. However, what about those that aren’t tech savvy? Thoughts…

An older item? A memory about an older item? Eh, that was tough for me until I realized how much I actually value the gifts I receive from my grandparents. I shared a memory about receiving a quilt from my grandma that she made special for me. It’s also special because it has my name on it 🙂 Later, we had to upload a picture of the item. My quilt is back at home, so I uploaded a picture of a really cool rug my grandma got for me whenever I first came to college. That too, is as valuable as the quilt.

The best part! The design probes package! I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I normally take pictures of random things almost everyday, so this to me was lots of fun. We were instructed to take pictures of our food, outfits, favorite items, and anything else we did throughout the day. After the pictures, we had to write a diary for both days. I really enjoyed doing this!

Empathic design process: Observe, capture data, reflect/analyze, brainstorm, develop solutions. All steps are important. However, I feel like the process could be minimized by simply just understanding and designing. Empathic design is more personal and emotional. Therefore to me, you do not need all of those steps in order to create an empathic design as long as you understand.

Well, thats it for week 9! Until next time!

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