Week 9

The article that I stuck out to me wasn’t really an article exactly; it was the study of the use of showers and bathtubs for older adults. I think that this one stuck out the most to me, because of my strong connection to designing for older adults and their needs because of what I saw my grandpa go through my whole life. The studies showing how they could better design a shower/tub for an older individual to best fit their needs, and I think that they did a very good job. As I was reading through it, I was thinking in my head, “Papa could have used that” or “that would have really came in handy when he took his showers”. Furthermore, not only would this have benefitted my grandpa, but it would have also benefitted my grandma and the healthcare assistants in the last stages of his life.

As for my “most valued item”, that was my engagement ring and my wedding band. I know that that is very cliché, but it monetarily valuable thing that I own. But It has a lot of meaning to me. It symbolized the promise my husband has made to me and the promise to be together for the rest of our lives, no matter the struggles we will face in the future. I would relate my rings back to the showers for older adults. My rings are a sacred thing between my husband and myself. And I know that being able to bathe your self and take care of yourself is something that people take very seriously and is a very sacred and private thing. I know this personally from experience because as my grandpas health worsened and worsened. You could see his pride getting weaker and weaker. He was greatly embarrassed that he could no longer do a simple task of bathing himself anymore. So I think to myself, possibly if we were able to get one of these shower/tubs for him, would he have been able to shower himself just a little bit longer. Would we have been able to save him a little bit of embarrassment?

The pros and cons of market research is that research is quite costly, however it can be very beneficial. When you are doing market research you are able to see if what you are making will actually be used and serve a purpose for those in the real world. When doing the market research one should keep the 5 steps of empathic design in mind. When doing this you will be designing with a purpose, not just a need in the market. Your product will fill the need, but there will also be a substantial benefit to those who are using it.

Designing from Daltons probe package was quite entertaining. Given that we knew whos it was the whole time, we still thought it was kind of fun to design something for him. And it turned out that he actually would like it. He uses social media very often, so we wanted to create a space that would give him the best pictures on instagram and would be ever changing so he would never get bored with it. I feel like this is a type of empathic design, because we are designing for his needs, not just his wants.




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