Wicked Sustainability Problems & the Collapse

During the first week of this course I wasn’t sure what to expect or even what a wicked problem really was. Learning about environmental sustainability and preservation is definitely a huge passion of mine which impacts a lot of choices within my major, apparel design. I am a strong believer that the earth is currently screaming for our help and we are doing nothing to prevent such extreme potential natural disasters. While the world is giving us signs of chaos, people don’t seem to act or acknowledge due to mindset and influence. Relating to the movie we watched on Tuesday, the first day of class, the 11th hour spoke on current issues our planet is facing due to the ways in which we are treating it. I had never seen this film before but I was very ecstatic to see that voices that can be heard are being used for good and to spread awareness. People who are educated within the field of studies of our planet know better than anyone of the outcomes that will come if we the people continue this path we have quickly created. While we may not always realize all the little things we do daily in order to live our “normal” day to day lives are greatly impacting our biosphere. With the temperature of the earth getting hotter by the year, the elevation will not stop unless we stop the mistreatment and poor usage of materials flooding landfills and bodies of water. As we learned in the film, the ocean and it’s animals are all at great risk of extinction. With extinction of important animals of the sea, bees, and other mammals which impact human life immensely without the realization, we as humans will begin to see a lot more illness and loss of resources. Watching this movie just reminded of the deep trouble our planet is in and the human race. As a child I always thought it was really bad to literal and would never do it even though I wasn’t fully aware that the actions I was taking were indeed to help our environment. I think basic installments of environmental values should be exerted on to children because they are the future. I fear for the future of our planet every day and hope that people are able to open their eyes to see the change, but with that we will need a strong voice of encouragement through government which in this country may not been seen in a long time and that hurts my heart for all.

Reading about the Lessons of Easter Island taught me so much about an area that I had no idea even existed. The ancient artifacts and the history that stems from the island on the Chilean coast opened up my eyes to realization that what happened back on Easter Island centuries ago is almost exactly what is happening now on our planet but with moderations. The people of the island started as people who created this advanced society from very few and basic resources. Very similar to how the human life on earth began everywhere. Though the people of Easter Island ended up using all its natural resources without any sort of documentation or common sense that they were wasting away all they had left and putting in effort to restore. While in today’s day we are known to document almost anything and everything we without a doubt are also wasting the natural resources we need so badly free of cost. Life on Easter island began to be almost unbearable for survival due to high heat, humidity, and the fact that there were no permanent water streams besides from within the volcano that island sat on. The people of the island had bigger things in mind than the resources that mattered like their beliefs and religion. They were always so worried about their ceremonies and how one clan was going to succeed more than the next. This just reminded me so much of the way the people on earth are right now. Each country is playing this game of life for their own benefit and social gain/power that we begin to ally together or take each other down one way or another. I suppose the main purpose of life is to continuously keep growing and evolving, and always leaving something in the past but to me that does not mean to destroy our foundation, mother earth in the process of evolving. I hope that people see the mistakes that were continuously made by ancient settlers, voyagers, and specimen and help us grow out of these habits that affect communities so immensely in a negative aspect great enough to create a collapse of life.

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