Blog 7

The oldest/most memorable item that I have is an opal ring that I got from my grandma. This is very special to me because she could have given it to someone else but she chose to give it to me. This is something that I wear everyday all the time, never will you see me not wearing it. I was lucky that it was able to fit any of my fingers because the chance of it fitting perfectly and not being too big or too small is small. Every time I look at it or am asked about it I am reminded of her and this is important because I don’t get to see her a lot.

With empathetic design is it important to be able to make something that people will want and not just something that they will pass in the store and never purchase. Sometimes you can come up with an idea that you think is good but others won’t always think the same way as you. You have to keep in mind that the main focus is the customer and not always what you may think is the best idea. The difference between market research and design research is that market research focuses on a wider group of people while design research is focused on the views of the user.

There are five steps that are involved in the empathic design process. These are, observation, capturing data, reflection and analysis, brainstorming for solutions, and developing prototypes of possible solutions. I think that all of these steps are important. This is because they first require finding what you customers likes and what their preferences are. They then go onto sorting out this information and being able to put it together in a way that is understandable and can be used in a beneficial way to make something new. With all of these steps you would be able to make something that your customers would like and would fit the liking of many not just one or just yourself.

From the design probes exercise that we did I realized how everyone has their own ways of looking at things and how everyone has their different schedules and things that they choose to do with their day. This is important to keep in mind when in a merchandising career because you have to think about the ways that others see what you have done. You also have to keep in mind how something might look to someone else and make sure that what you are trying to show or tell is coming off in the way that it should.

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