Blog 7

The article that I found very intriguing was the radical redesign of the supermarket experience. Its something that we do about once every week and most grocery stores look the same and have the same environment about that, so to redesign the space for certain people was interesting. They talked about creating a virtual shopping assistant, this would help people not get overwhelmed by all the choices because the assistant would help guide you through the options and help decide which is the best fit for your lifestyle. I think this is a very inventive idea and I think that if done right, could be very successful.

We did an activity in class that required us to share our most valuable/oldest item that we own. It was cool to hear about the old objects that get passed down in families, or what people consider their most valued item. My item was a sapphire and diamond ring that my papa gave to my granny for one of their anniversaries. I was given the ring after my granny passed away and I hope to pass it down to my children and keep this in the family as an heirloom.

I think that there are a lot of pros to creating empathic designs because it’s all about keep people in mind and designing things that are going to enhance their emotions. Rather than creating a basic building, you can incorporate elements that are going to enhance workers productivity, create a stress free environment, or create one that allows for a creative flow of ideas. Even just adding small elements to enhance these positive things are worth it to a business. I think empathic designs are especially helpful in spaces that usually have a stressful environment like a hospital or doctors office. For the patients, no one enjoys going to the doctor, so painting the walls a nice blue color can create a calm environment for patients and help them through the visit. For the cons of empathic design, I think it can be more costly to incorporate some of these elements but other than that I don’t see any downsides.

For the Probes exercise, I found it interesting to see my two days in a series of pictures as well as other people. There is so much that can be added or left out of a picture which allows the person taking the picture to control what they do and don’t want you to see in their life. Creating the product for the person was kinda hard because of that fact that we didn’t know their every day life aside from the 2 days so we didn’t quite know if the product we were creating was something that they would actually use.

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