America’s DSP Sucks

What I have learned from this week is that the intent and nature of our economy is what is destroying the planet and those intentions are spreading into other areas of the world. Our dominant social paradigm drives all of the actions that we do as a country and can explain 99% of the decisions made. In America we are driven by the economic growth and profit without being mindful to the consequences it brings. The main topic we discussed dealt with globalization. Currently we are using globalization to make a profit and decrease expenses in production and manufacturing processes. We are traveling to developing countries in order to find cheaper land, less regulations and laws, and cheap labor. Our goals when entering these developing countries should be to gain benefits from there land and resources BUT leave it a better place then when we arrived. Instead, we are taking advantage of those with less and using the lack of regulations in a way that harms more then one pillar.

Using globalization to spread knowledge and sustainable technology could become beneficial to everyone and our planet. The west has a responsibility because so many countries look up to us, striving for our paradigm, which can lead to environmental destruction. Our paradigm is all about money and power. We want more money no matter the cost and that gives us power. We turn a blind eye to the sweatshops or toxins we create because those are what brings us income easier then doing things the right way. The social structure of our country was built off of competition and war. We have separated this idea that we could be the issue with our planet and replaced it with materialistic goals that in the end are not truly fulfilling. Our paradigm should be kindness, awareness, and community. Our money and knowledge should go towards things that will fix the environment and not exploit other countries. Having the right intentions is the basis in making a sustainable future.

Here are some questions I asked myself throughout the week;

What is our income and wealth used for?

What is globalization used for?

What are the values in the west? Are they self-centered? Are they greedy or resourceful?

Are we (the West) taking advantage of developing countries or giving them an advantage?

What technology are we giving developing countries through globalization and are they sustainable? How does our DSP affect this?

What are Americas responsibilities as a role model?




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Apparel Merchandising major with a minor in Sustainable Design
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