Biophilic Design

This week was my turn for the LOLA Show.  I talked about healing gardens in hospitals.  This is actually something that I am really passionate about seeing as though I really enjoy healthcare design.  Another group member spoke on putting skylights into rooms that had the MRI machines.  This was something that I had never seen before but I could see being very beneficial when it comes to design.  The last group member of mine touched on how buildings are being designed to reflect natural objects.  This was cool as things should be designed with nature in mind and to take the shape or texture and recreate it in a manmade environment was something that I really enjoy seeing.

Human need is a huge factor when it comes to design.  We have to consider what people want and what they don’t even realize what they want when it comes to creating a space.  Emotional attachment to things such as spaces or even articles of clothing can play a huge factor in someone’s life.  We have to consider how a space can make a person feel.  This comes into play when you think of healthcare to me seeing as most people experience a tragedy of some kind in a healthcare place.  As a designer I want to be able to make a person feel comfortable and not see something that will make them go into an emotional downward spiral when they are visiting the healthcare space.

The little brown dress was interesting as you got to see how one article of clothing can be versatile in ways that you would not think to use.  It put into perspective the amount of things that I have in my closet that never get worn or donated because I have the thought that one day I will use the items.

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