blog 10

The LOLA shows this week were very interesting. I had to do my LOLA show this week also and I learned a lot through the research I had to do to create mine. Doing this LOLA show helped me learn a lot more about what biophilic design really is and the 14 patterns and 6 strategies that go along with biophilic design. I am not very good at presentations and learned from this one that I need to engage to the audience more rather than just reading from my notes. I really enjoyed the LOLA show about the virtual sky in the hospital. I thought this design could really help patients and make them feel better during their time in the hospital.

An article we had to read this week was about human needs and wants. I liked the example of the brown dress because it made me think about how much clothes we really need rather than just buying many clothes because we want them. I do own a lot of clothing that I don’t necessarily need and bought just because I wanted them.

We also did a happiness survey which was interesting to see how my life is going and how happy I really am with my life.

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