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Due to my absence on Tuesday of last week, I was unable to be apart of the discussion of mindfulness. However, I did look over the day one folder on D2L and this is what I got out of mindfulness. I think mindfulness is being aware of your surroundings and being aware of everything going on in your life and in others. Sometimes we want to avoid our problems and just not think about them, but that is not the way to go about this. We need to accept our problems and be aware of what we’re going through and try to find a solution. I was actually really sad that I had to miss this class for an appointment. I wanted to learn about mindfulness and be apart of the discussion. One of my friends that’s in this class with me told me “We meditated in class, it was so fun!!” And I was so disappointed that I missed out.  

I read over the documents about mindfulness and I think that mindfulness improves your overall well being. It helps you release those unhappy thoughts. I have been super stressed lately with my other four week class and having exams every week so when we meditated in class on Thursday before my test, it made me feel 110% better! I actually started doing it at home as well, just when I’m feeling stressed and I need to relax.  In the article online it states that when people are living in the moment is when they are most happy and I completely agree with that. I tend to worry so much about stuff in the future that I can’t just think about all of the good things that are going on right now. This is something I need to work on and I think meditating will help me do so.  

I love the idea of meditation and being in the here and now. Getting away from your problems for ten minutes a day can do so much good in your life and I am just now realizing this. I have practicing mindfulness every day since Thursday and I have felt like a different person.  It is helping me with my stress levels, because we all know how stressful college can be. I am being mindful of all that’s going on around me and focusing on the feelings that I am having and sensing when I am meditating. What was I doing before I knew about mindfulness? Being stressed and wanting to dropout, that’s what I was doing. 

In Thursday’s class, our main topic was paradigms. When we were asked what we thought this meant, I honestly had no earthly idea. Paradigms were mentioned in the article we read, but when I was reading it I kept wondering what it meant. I googled the definition so I knew what the article was talking about. However, the google definition still didn’t really help me understand what it was. The definitions given in class helped me a lot and when people would share what they thought it meant helped me as well. I now know that a paradigm is just how you perceive something. It is the “lens through which we perceive the world.” We all have one and we often don’t even know we have one (like me before this class).  

In the article we were assigned to read before Thursday’s class, I was on the “no” side of the argument. Basically, this article talked about how developing countries are trying to become more like the United States. However, the United States uses so many resources that we cannot afford to have every developing country be like us. We would use way too many resources if that were to happen. The world cannot handle that many people using that many resources. Only 16% of the world (high-income countries) is responsible for 78% of consumption. So basically the very few high-income countries are using most of the resources in the world. The low-income countries are responsible for only 22% of consumption. This fact really makes me realize how privileged we are in the United States. We all go about our lives and we don’t realize all that we have. The people in these low-income countries barely have the things they need for basic survival! I am over here in the United States worrying about if I’ll get to buy coffee before I go to class and what kind of dress I should get for formal. It makes me feel so sorry for these countries that are struggling so much. However, if these countries were to become the way that we are, we literally all wouldn’t be able to survive because the Earth cannot give us that many resources. It’s hard to wrap my brain around this because I have so many mixed feelings.  

I want everyone in the world to have the opportunity to live the way that we do, but I don’t want us to use up all the resources that the Earth has to offer. I wish every country could experience this and it hurts my heart that they probably won’t. This discussion has made me more grateful for the life I have been blessed with. It makes me feel guilty for not realizing before how most countries are so much worse off than we are. I knew that we were pretty well off, but I didn’t realize the extent to it.  

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