Blog 8

Knowing its week 10 of class is crazy! Seems like that should feel like it has been much longer than it feels like.

The LOLA shows this week were really different! Who knew bark from trees could be used as wallpaper?! Not me! Turning such a readily available commodity into something as so different and off the wall (haha see what I did there?!) is genius.  I think it says a whole lot about that specific company that two individuals from separate groups were so excited to discuss it.  All the topics that were covered in this week’s LOLA Shows seemed to be geared toward interior design students so I’m not going to lie, it was a little more difficult to pay attention and be able to relate, but the Herman Miller chair that one student talked about I can see being very useful one day in the store of my dreams, and if not in my store then my office at home or spouse’s office at work or something!  Knowing about companies like those discussed, even if they don’t necessarily relate to my line of work is still interesting. And, that chair is way more famous than I will ever be so it must be good for some reason!

In the article discussing human needs one of the lines that stuck out to me was “Clothing has the potential to meet a number of needs.  It can satisfy basic physical requirement for warmth and protection when linked with fashion it has the potential to satisfy our desires for personal expression and belonging.” Fashion is so much more than what we put on our bodies each morning, its honestly much more than that.  It is, like the article says a way of personal expression and provides a sense of belonging.  It is one of the ways we are able to be comfortable in the skin we were given, being able to dress and “decorate” our bodies in the way we want can change the way we live.  I know personally when I like my outfit, I have a better day.  It’s an instant confidence boost and sometimes feels like a shot of espresso throughout the day that just encourages you to do your best!

I think doing the happiness survey was really interesting, those questions really pushed me to think about how happy I really am right now in my life and helped me to realize that there are areas that I’m not happy.  Since doing that I’ve taken the chance to see what I need to change in order to enjoy myself more so it was extremely beneficial to me.

Major props to the little brown dress wearer, I would go absolutely crazy having to wear the same dress every single day, as I mentioned above clothes are an outward expression of the emotions you feel inside and your personality and I think I would go absolutely crazy wearing such a bland item every day.  I’m much too loud for that, both vocally and my personality.

Um, the cost of a tshirt post production is absolutely crazy. The fact that we all spend so much on an item that costs like maybe a total of $2 to make makes me sick to my stomach, but it also doesn’t mean I won’t continue to buy and wear them.  They are too darn comfortable for that!

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