Blog 8

I can’t believe we are going in to week 11! We are that much closer to graduation. I am looking forward to moving on to our final projects and wrapping up the semester! This past week during the LOLA Show’s, I got to sit back and not panic or be anxious about presenting because we did ours first so it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy everyone else’s presentation. Several of them really stuck out and grabbed my attention. I enjoyed the group that talked about biophilic designs in hospitals or schools. Exactly this time last year, we lost my grandpa to cancer. We spent about a week in the hospital before he died and I was able to connect the LOLA Show about the garden or aquarium in the hospital to help make the time go by or to distract you as you wait in the lobby or waiting room. Maybe some day when I become rich, I will donate money to Human Sciences to create a beautiful garden outside! I also really loved the talk about the chair. It was really cool that she also showed pictures of different celebrities that are sitting in the chair in television shows because it made it very memorable.

The reading for this week was something we’ve always talked about in our DHM classes. It talked about the emotions and fashion needs, wants and motivations of consumers. Clothing satisfies the basic needs humans need like warmth & protection but it also fulfills desires which has consumers buying more and more and more of things that they do not necessarily NEED. Like Dr. Jayadas said, maybe we just keep pieces of clothing that are special to us (like his sweater from the 9th grade) and we find different ways to wear it for years ahead and go and clean out our closets and get rid of some of the pieces out of our 100+ collection of items we have and utilize what we have more in various ways. I’m guilty of wanting new outfits for new occasions – I have been to a lot of weddings recently and it’s hard to wear the same thing twice so I’ve been finding myself trying to shop for something new when in reality I have a ton of things I should be wearing in my closet already. The “problem” is – companies design for human needs and want them to buy more. Those producing the clothing and the cotton need jobs and to make a living too.

DOING: Our learning community came up with the idea to have a point recycling system where people in the community bring things in to recycle and earn points and then they can use their points to earn free dance, exercise or art-directed classes. I think it’s a great incentive to get people involved and be more culturally aware! I think it’s something that should definitely be presented to a town city council or committee to use!

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I am a senior Apparel Merchandising major at Oklahoma State University graduating in December 2017!
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