Blog 8

I found the LOLA show about skylights to be very interesting. I love how it lets in a lot of light and makes the patient at a hospital feel calm. I thought it was amazing how they put skylights in their operation rooms so that the patient can look at the blue sky instead of the ceiling tiles. The next LOLA show that stood out to me was the gardens in the hospitals. I can see how the gardens in the hospitals can be good for the patient’s health. Being one with nature when you are about to go into surgery, you’re in the hospital or you’re out of surgery can make anyone feel peaceful. Being surrounded by nature would take their mind off of everything. My favorite LOLA show would have to be the show about having more relaxing waiting areas for the families of the patients. I had a friend that I was talking to recently. She is in a wheel chair and can’t walk around on her own. She had a surgery when we were in high school to see if they could help with that. Her mom was talking about the waiting room and how big it was. Her mom couldn’t keep her mind off of the procedure the whole time she was in the waiting room. It made her nervous. It would have been awesome for her to have something in the waiting room to help with make her feel more relaxed. That’s why this LOLA show was my favorite. It would be really great for hospital waiting rooms to have a TV in it that shows nature on it or nature sounds to soothe the waiting families. Even having little green plants in the hospital would help. I really believe that this idea should be implemented in all hospital waiting rooms. Our group decided that for having, being, or doing we chose to do an indoor garden outside of human sciences just like the indoor garden in the hospital LOLA show. This would be a great way to have people interact with each other while also relaxing everyone who went to the garden. I thought that the little brown dress was very interesting. It showed me how we as people don’t really think about how many clothes are in our closet and how we waist money on buying new clothes so quickly. Just wearing one dress for a whole year and never wearing anything else except what you have or second hand store clothing is amazing. I was really impressed that she only spent $20 dollars the whole time. It truly does show that if we wanted to we could find ways to reuse the clothing we already have instead of throwing the clothes away. In the reading I found that woman being the main target for brands to sell clothing to was something I never really thought about. As the article says we really do have a need to have lots and lots of things. In our mind having more means we do have a lot. I can see how big brands can play off that and cause us to think that we have to have more to make us happy. The only thing is it doesn’t make us happy if we have more. Having a simple clothing item like the little brown dress could be enough if you think about it. You wouldn’t have to spend money on more clothing, you could just add accessories to it or layer it. You just keep reusing it and mending it if it starts to become worn. It’s really a great idea.

By: Hayley Taylor

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