Blog 8


This Tuesday was nice because there were no readings, we just got to relax and listen to people’s presentations about their LOLA show. I really enjoyed the group who talked about the presence of water and nature in hospitals. I agree that being in nature is a way of healing. Just taking a short walk and getting some fresh air can do wonders. I think it is a fantastic idea to implement nature aspects in hospitals, whether that is through aquariums or fountains or healing gardens, they make people feel more comfortable and less anxious. I am confident that any of these ideas presented on biophillic design would definitely give the hospital a much more relaxed and calming atmosphere. I also enjoyed the LOLA show on skylights. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I love utilizing natural light. The idea of a room having a full ceiling of skylight sounded great to me. I think this could also be implemented in hospitals as a way of natural healing and comfort or even in schools or the workplace to make the user feel more at peace with nature and not so enclosed in their desk or cubicle.

Unfortunately, I was not in class on Thursday due to personal matters so I missed the learning community activity. However, I did read the article about needs. It discussed the motivations of consumers and what we want versus what we need. As clothing consumers, we want to be stylish and trendy, but what we need clothing for is warmth and protection. The issue is that consumers are often more focused on their wants and not their needs and no matter what happens fashion will always be about the personal expression aspect. Although we do need clothing for the warmth and protection aspect that does not usually tend to be the reason for a consumer to buy the clothing they wear.

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