Blog 8

Tuesday of this past week began with LOLA shows from learning communities 4, 5, & 6. I really enjoyed the Lola shows about biophilic design. The Sky Factory was interesting to me because going into hospital rooms can be intimidating especially because when you are going to one, it’s almost never for a good reason. The skylights can help brighten spirits and rooms by creating a new way to calm and relieve stress from patients. I always believe that opening windows when you are inside is the best way to be able to have a good day indoors. I also liked he LOLA show that talked about the gardens and nature in the hospitals. I think being able to have the fresh oxygen provided by the trees as well as the outdoor “feel” while being stuck in a hospital waiting to hear news would be very helpful and relaxing. I think that this idea is another great way to put people at ease through nature. As I stated previously, the biophilic design LOLA’s were all my favorite, so naturally my third favorite was implementing the waterfalls and fixtures into hospitals. Water for some reason can be so mesmerizing and have a clearing mind effect. I think this idea is even better than just having a fish tank in a waiting room. If hospitals are able to find a way for this to stay sanitary, I think this is by far the coolest thing to have in a waiting room.


I enjoyed the section of the reading this week that was about the little brown dress. I thought it was interesting how Martin wore the same article of clothing every day for a year. I understand her point of how the fashion industry is one of the leading industries of waste, but I think there is a better way to going about sustainability in fashion. If all of us were to only wear one item, then we are all getting a degree in fashion for nothing. She spoke later on how now after this project she used accessories and pieces only made from recycled materials and I think that is moving in a better direction. If we find ways to make every single garment C2C in our industry, that will be way more sustainable than limiting ourselves to one garment per year, which in my opinion is a little too extreme. I definitely couldn’t do it!


For the in class activity my group chose doing. We thought it would be cool is we could design an app that is like twitter and it has everyone in each of your classes on there in a separate page where you can discuss the homework and tests, providing teachers with fewer emails and being overall beneficial to our learning environments. During the lecture I enjoyed the section about the cost of the t-shirt and increasing labor wages. Having just gone to New York, we presented our sourcing project yesterday to faculty members. For our project we had to create cost sheets based off of everything needed to make our garment. Seeing first hand how all of this is done does show that labor wages could be increased to help our workers so they are able to better provide for themselves and their families. It may take a little tweaking of materials and findings, but in the end humans are more important than clothing and I believe that is what should be protected.

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