Blog 8

The LOLA Shows were really impressive this week. I found a lot of them very interesting. A few of the topics that stuck out to me were the use of skylights and water in hospitals to calm the patients and visitors. I think this would create a very positive environment and help the overall feel of the atmosphere. I personally hate going to hospitals because they create a sad and trapped environment with everything being very white and closed in with no windows. I think incorporating skylights and water would be extremely helpful. The concept of the healing garden seems like it could also be very helpful to improve the attitude of the environment. I thought the little brown dress was very interesting and surprising that someone could wear the same things everyday. Personally, I would hate to have to wear the same thing everyday for even a week! The point she was trying to make really spoke to me though. Her thought process inspired me. I actually know of Threadless because they are based out of Chicago and I lived there last summer for my internship. I met someone that worked there. It seemed like a really cool company.

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