Blog 8

Unfortunately, I had to leave the LOLA show presentations early and was unable to attend class on Thursday due to illness. That being said, I was there for the first group’s presentations on the topic of Biophilic Design. They addressed the different aspects of Biophilic design being used in healthcare facilities and the impacts of these designs. They explained that the incorporation of Biophilic design can improve employee morale, shorten stays, and reduce stress in both patients and their families. One of the girls discussed material connection to nature and explained that this connection creates a “distinct sense of place”. She shared about Sky Factory and their implementation of LED skylights for stressful areas of hospitals, like MRI rooms. These lights reduce anxiety by around 33% and stress by 50%. The second presenter evaluated the visual connection with nature. The video she shared presented the point of view that “nature makes us feel good”. She also shared that gardens play an important in health increases. The last girl discussed the presence of water in healthcare systems. Just as Biophilic design as a whole, it is proven to lead to quicker recovery and less stress in patients and family members. She shared a video about HHE a company that provides nature photography and music in healthcare waiting rooms to provide a stress-free environment. The idea of Biophilic design in hospitals, dr. offices, etc. is very interesting to me. I suffer from chronic migraines and this makes me spend quite a bit of time in waiting rooms, labs, MRIs, and patient rooms. It can be a very stressful environment for everyone involved and it is often times just very uncomfortable. I think I would personally enjoy the experience much more if there were Biophilic design aspects to these environments.

Though I couldn’t participate in the human needs in-class activity on Thursday, I read through the readings and the lecture slides. The debate about wants vs. needs is something that I find very interesting. It is crazy to think about how little we actually need as human beings, especially when it comes to apparel and home furnishings. We truly only need protection from the elements, but consumers this day and age are very focused on the new trend or expressing themselves through style (me included). I think that, as far as my consumer buying patterns go, I could be more need focused in order to improve my sustainability journey.

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