Blog 8

One LOLA show that made an impression on me was the group that all talked about different ways to make time spent at a hospital more enjoyable. They mentioned water fixtures to be placed in waiting rooms and patient rooms to make the area more calm and relaxing during high stress situations. In this group there was also mention of gardens or indoor greenhouses to be placed in hospitals to let patients or family members go to in order to get their minds off of why they are in the hospital. Another group mentioned using LED lights to mimic natural light in order to reduce stress.

My group focused on be being aspect of human needs. Being deals with physical and medical heath, receptiveness, and tranquility. With this, we chose to carry out what we have here at OSU, the reboot center, into businesses and other schools throughout the country. Taking 20 minutes or so to get away from stress that school work or a job could have is very beneficial to mental health. We want individuals to be encouraged to take a step back to rejuvenate themselves.

The Little Brown Dress was something I really enjoyed. I liked the idea of styling one item of clothing with different accessories. It was eye opening to realize how many clothes I don’t wear or wear over and over again and style them differently.


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