Blog 8

We just wrapped up week 10 of class and we have seen plenty of LOLA Shows. But of all of the ones that we have seen, a few really stood out to me. Out of the two days of presentations, I have enjoyed the biophilic designs in hospitals presentations the most. My very favorite LOLA show thus far has been the Skylab one talking about incorporating innovative sky lights in hospitals. I related to this LOLA show because as weird as it sounds, I have always been drawn to natural light. I quite enjoy being in our actual classroom for sustainability because the lights are off and we use the sunlight through the windows as our source of lighting. I have always had a room with a large window and am constantly keeping the blinds wide open in my room. Sunlight greatly improves my mood when compared to any indoor lighting. Indoor lighting seems dreary and depressing to me. That is why I was so interested in the Skylab idea and fully believe that it can improve patients stays in the hospital. If I were stuck in a hospital room, I would pray to have a window and I know that if I had something like Skylab, my experience would improve significantly. I felt the same way about the LOLA show that integrated gardens into hospitals. I also related to this because I am always more content in nature. I feel comfortable and relaxed when I am surrounded by beautiful scenery. I also admired the LOLA show about the chair. She made her presentation fun and enjoyable. She did the presentation so well that she could have sold the chair herself.

As for the article, I found it very relatable. I liked when it talked about having an emotional attachment to an article of clothing. I think it goes for many of us that we only have a couple of articles of clothing that we have an emotional attachment to. It is a shame that these articles of clothing so often get buried and lost underneath so more clothing that doesn’t mean a thing at all to us. When my group used the article to come up with a concept, we used “being” and “interacting”. The LOLA show that talked about gardens in hospitals inspired us in our ideas. We discussed how it would be beneficial to have a small garden area in each college on OSU’s campus. This would provide relaxation areas for students and give them a space to interact with each other. One of my favorite parts of the reading was “the little brown dress”. I can’t believe this woman actually wore one brown dress for a whole entire year. It really opens my eyes to the fact that I take my clothes for granted. I change several times a day depending on what activity I’m doing or how comfortable I am. I also found it very interesting how after the whole year, she was so comfortable to the idea that she didn’t even want to go back to her old lifestyle. I found this very inspiring.

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