Blog 8

The LOLA Shows this week were interesting. I really liked the one about having the skylights in exam rooms and surgery rooms in hospitals. I feel like that is a good way to bring the outside in an environment like that. It would help to calm the patient down before their MRI or whatever they are there for and can help them focus on something else. My dentist office has a skylight in each of the rooms and I like looking at it while I am getting my teeth cleaned. Another idea I liked was the one about having hospitals have these garden spaces within the facility. That reminded of OU Children’s hospital in Oklahoma City. They have a wall fountain in the atrium when you walk in and they also have a small area that is similar to a playground for the kids. Another idea that I thought was interesting was the bark wallpaper concept. I thought that was a neat way to bring the outdoors inside. It is a unique design concept for interiors.

I liked the reading and all the different topics it hit on or different ideas. The chart of human needs reminded me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that I learned about in my management class. The idea that we can satisfy one need with something but then that thing can also hinder another need of ours was interesting. I also really liked the cape dress concept and how that was encouraging kids and parents to spend time together. That encourages creativity and family time which is very vital for a child’s development.

The class activity was challenging and fun. Using the having, being, and doing and trying to compliment something from the Max Neef matrix was somewhat challenging in the time constraint we had. I think the having, being, and doing model is a good thing to think about and to consider.

UK’s social value act was a fantastic idea. I had no idea that was even a thing. I think that would help out the environment so much and also encourage people to take more of a responsibility of environmental issues and make a change. Seeing people of authority care and want to make a change about pollution could cause everyone else to make the same change. The Little Brown Dress concept was also interesting. I do not think I could wear the same thing every single day for a year but I could get behind not shopping for a whole year. That is not the best for the economy or fashion industry but it does cut down on unnecessary spending and fashion waste. The IKEA flat pack modular design was also a cool idea. I think that would be great for the millennial generation and generation X since these two generations are more into spending money on experiences so this could give them a way to not spend as much money on a home and spend their money elsewhere. It could also be good for the older generation who are wanting to downsize.

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