Blog 8

During week 10 the class presented some of their LOLA Show concepts. My over all favorite was about the use of vegetation within a hospital, this idea of healing gardens stood out to me because of its therapeutic attributes, i see it being beneficial in more places other than hospitals but in all major buildings such as corporate offices and business. Following that presentation was a LOLA Show about the presence of water, caring the same concept i would personally find this very useful in all forms of business and recovery settings. My final pick from LOLA Shows was Saydi from my learning community where she shared 3-4 different companies that used sustainable wall coverings, that part i liked most about her presentation was not about the products themselves but about how the items and companies got their cradle to cradle certifications and the requirements the companies had set for themselves to better their sustainable products.

Relating back to the therapeutic attributes of LOLA Shows on healing gardens and water within a space, we read about the Human Needs and how what you consume may not make you happy. The reading stated that we as a consumer think we need materialistic items such as money, clothes,cars etc. but in fact these items do not bring us any true happiness. Stating that this false happiness and the pressure of success created as a perfect happy lifestyle by society has lead to a spike within depression and suicide among young adults and teens.

Stemming from the reading we did an in class activity as it relates to having, being, or doing. I enjoyed listening to other groups come up with ideas not just based to benefit the environment but to help others as well. It was different to hear ideas that focused more on the characteristics of people within their environment than just the sustainable design concepts.

In lecture we discussed a few points. Starting off we discussed the average price of a shirt, then breaking down where it came from and the money spent on production. I enjoyed this topic because i got to better understand where products are produced and lead into the next topic of the poor global working conditions. The poor quality within work forces in some countries really makes a person think about where they purchase products and if the company treats their employees fairly they can see an increase in sales.


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