Blog 8

Unfortunately, I was not in class Tuesday when the LOLA show presentation occurred; however, I did enjoy our in-class activity on Thursday. I really liked my group’s idea about having a relaxation space. I thought it would be a much-needed space for schools and workplaces, especially in East Asian countries. When I was with my group I remember telling my classmates about how in Japan it is common to have employees sleep in the middle of a workday at their desk because they are seen as hardworking. The assumption is that if you are so tired to be sleeping in the middle of your workday than it’s because you have been working so hard. The relaxation space that my group came up with would be a great space that these workers would be inclined to utilize in their daily life.

I also believe students in South Korea would benefit from a relaxation space in order to be less stressed out during their daily lives. South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and a large percentage of the suicides are among the younger people still in high school. I think incorporating a space for relaxation would be beneficial.

I was somewhat impressed that the artist, Alex Martin, was able to wear only one brown dress for a year not including those few times she went to the thrift store in order to get some winter wear for seasonal changes. However, I would have liked to have known if she had been someone who liked to shop and or who actually cared about fashion. If she did not actually have an opinion about clothes then the actual act of wearing the same dress every day for a year loses some of its significance to me. I thought it was sill meaningful but if she did not care for fashion then the acts was not actually too challenging for her. I also thought the IKEA house seemed to be realistically feasible considering the fact that people in their twenties to early thirties seem more than likely to spend their money differently than their parents did when they were at that age. Young people today value travel and experience rather than having a big house. Living in a smaller house that cost way less than normal appeals to young people because they would be able to afford traveling more than paying a mortgage on a big house. The small nature and low price of the IKEA house would greatly appeal to the younger generation who are also getting married later than their parents and having less children so logically the younger generation would not need that much space.

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