Blog 8

This week we learned a lot about the human needs.  At the beginning I felt this was kind of silly because it is obvious we already know a lot about what humans need to survive.  Clothing is one of the biggest basic human needs for protection from the weather, as well as coverage of our body that we obviously would not want to show to world.  When learning about the girl with the brown dress who wore the same dress, but added different sweaters depending on the weather for an entire year was extremely impressive.  I could not imagine wearing the same garment everyday of the day, however this did open my eyes to the fact that the amount of clothes in my closet that I have felt were necessary, are in fact, not that necessary at all.  We buy clothing for the basic human needs but it is apparent to me now that the fast fashion has made a culture that over indulges when it comes to buying clothing and we end up making/buying way more clothing than we could ever possibly need.  Another interesting point we learned about was the cost of T-shirt.  It is crazy to think of how cheap shirts truly are to manufacture and yet we pay insane amounts just to own a certain brand of shirt.  it goes to show that the human needs are so much more simpler than the culture we are living in today makes our “needs” out to be.  When learning about the human needs, we finished by getting into our learning communities and coming up with an idea to better help the world we live within by either the being, doing, or having theory.  My group chose to incorporate the being method to help other by creating a humidifier that would bring fresh air from outside into hospitals where patients were unable to go outside themselves.  We believe that this invention would increase the health and well being of people who are in a tough part of their lives and could use the benefits from fresh air of being happier and feeling as if they are in an environment in which they are not.  Overall I learned a lot about the needs of humans, as well as the fact that there are a lot of things (materialistically thinking) that we could go without and our world would probably benefit from in a more sustainable way for our environments future.

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