Consumerism and Sustainability

In today’s world we more times often than not like to blame our need for consumerism for many of our troubles that we are currently facing. Yet we are stuck in this spin cycle of feeling a social obligation to continue to feed our need to go out and buy the new latest and greatest. Erik Assadourion stated that over the past fifty years there was a huge incline in consumption. And if every single on the planet lived the lifestyle we do the world would only be able to sustain about 1.4 billion people. This past week we also talked about paradigms which is made up of one’s values, beliefs, and overall outlook on the world. Each and every individual has one as well as a collective one. A great way for a person to further develop their own beliefs and values is through mindful meditation and give their body and mind a chance to relax and become more clear. Which can all lead back to how aware a person is to a situation which is a key aspect of sustainability.

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