DHM 4573- BLOG 8

DHM 4573

Blog 8

Lola show every group had a lot of good points, they talked about Biophilic design, cradle to cradle and Eco-design. There was a few groups that talked about hospitals that incorporated Biophilic design in to gardens for patients to walk around and enjoy. This was found to speed up healing and patients were less stressed which is a huge help. Using the cradle to cradle helps a lot to have full cycle of things it’s not cradle to trash. This gives things more of a full life cycle and not so much waste in our landfills.

As humans we always want something or so it seems, some of us are very materialistic. Clothing is made to protect us from the surrounding such as bad weather, keeping us warm, sun and so on, some of us use clothes to express ourselves in certain way, to define who we are. Like take for instance there is a cheap pair of $25.00 not name brand jeans and a $150.00 pair of jeans, they both serve the same purpose. The more expensive jeans may have a better fit and more appealing and of course the name brand tag and the hefty price tag to boot. Some people like certain things and certain name brands will only work, while others aren’t that picky and are okay with just buying them for the purpose they serve.

The little brown dress, which was washed and worn for a whole year. I think that’s a pretty neat idea to see how it holds up with all that washing and how to color will fade. She decided to wear that for a year and only to splurge on a few sweater due to the cold weather. She only spent $20 on clothes that whole year. Ikea has a flat pack house that is under a $100,000, it has a very basic floor plan. It is like a modular home, it provides simple choices to get the job done. The cost of a t-shirt it’s crazy how cheap they are to be made. Every person that touches the shirt the price jumps up a little. The people who make the shirt make little money. It talks about how many cotton farmers committed suicide, that’s very sad to see what the price pushes them too. We farm and have rye pasture the last few years the harvest has not been worth anything they wouldn’t even take it places because they still had seed from last year. It’s hard being a farmer of any sort of crop, people do not realize what farmers do and that we need them for almost every single thing that we eat. I don’t think people think about things at all, they don’t realize where things come from and who all it can hurt when prices are terrible.

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