Mindful Media

This week we talked about the idea of mindfulness and being aware of our surroundings, ourselves and just paying attention to things on purpose. We talked about different ways we can be mindful and be in the moment well-being non judgmentally. If we are more mindful are more aware of the culture and have more care for things around us. The reason that the practice of mindfulness is so important and is the main subject of this week is because when we are mindful to ourselves we’re more mindful to the environment around us making us care more act more and be more cautious to what we’re doing to help sustain and protect the environment. Stress and depression is a huge thing that everyone struggles with at some point and if we’re not happy with our life or something that’s going on that’s not exactly in our control or maybe it is, we’re not focusing on other things in this world were focusing on our self. That’s why being mentally healthy and having a good well-being is beneficial not only to ourselves, but those around us. If were neglecting these concerns, then we’re definitely not worried about bigger concerns. One of the quotes that I really liked from the mindfulness article was comparing two different activities, “eating lamb chops in learning to play the piano”. What this means is well eating lamb chops is yummy and delicious for the 15 minutes it takes you to eat and then it’s over after the 15 minutes. Well learning to play the piano is difficult at first and takes time and energy, it’s worth it in the long run. Mindfulness has positive consequences and it accomplishes this without having negative impacts on other things.
The second article was an argument between the idea that Western values, ethics, and dominant paradigms compatible with sustainability. The article I read was an explanation of why the writer believes that globalization is a solution of global problems that can help the economic prosperity and improve environmental protection well positively impacting other social benefits. I personally think this is a really interesting subject because the article I read had really good points about how us as a western culture are constantly innovating in developing technology and institutions and that we might be able to help developing countries focus their ideas toward a more sustainable end goal. While understanding that there are good ideas and intentions for globalization being a positive factor hearing the main points from the no side also was a big factor. The no side basically saw and stated and its facts that the western culture is the biggest consumer and threat to this planet. If we are globalizing the world to be more like the western, then were telling other parts the world that will they need to consume just as much as us Westerners do. And that would put the world in critical danger. Both arguments had really great points but they also had sides to them that wouldn’t be helping the world at all. If we globalize and make developing countries more like the western culture and then were consuming unimaginable amounts of energy and producing a huge waste product. But if we don’t globalize then these developing countries aren’t being mindful of what we had to do as a population to help the environment, their main concern is in earning money, and being able to have food for their families. There’s both pros and cons to each argument and it’s hard for me to pick a side because I would be on the side that has both views, if we as a western culture or more aware of are out rages amounts of consumption, then it would be fantastic for developing countries to see that and also be more mindful. Overall this is still a really big question and problem that we’re facing in today’s world, whether we globalize towards developing countries are not the biggest thing we can do is improve ourselves one step at a time.

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