Mindfulness is the Key

Week two consisted of discussing the practice of mindfulness and paradigms, which I enjoyed learning about. Although I was not present for the mindfulness workshop, I had the chance to meditate at the beginning of class on Thursday which I found quite relaxing. It was a bit difficult since it was my first time and being tired didn’t help but I hope to continue to practice it. Well, on the discussion of dominant social paradigms, I read the article for the “No” side where Erik Assadourian argued that the Western consumer culture was the main threat to the planet, which went against sustainability. I do agree with his argument that something could be done to reduce this consumeristic paradigm and our materialistic ways, however, I don’t believe there would ever be a permanent solution to this. I say this because as the reading mentioned, advertisements are what leads to consumerism and they have always been out there for decades; businesses thrive on these marketing techniques. I see all these ads in my daily life, while driving to work or while I am on social media, but they do not always lead me into buying those certain items.

I feel like the problem is that people are consuming too much of the wrong goods that in turn, have people wasting these products that is harming nature. The American way of consumption is not the path the world should take in my opinion. What I believe could change is just to advertise sustainable goods more and just buy less. Many people have lived this materialistic way for so long that I think It’ll just be too hard for a sudden change. If the world comes to the realization of the harm we’re causing to our planet, then maybe people would think twice before giving in too much to businesses that don’t advocate sustainability. My paradigm is changing after practicing to become more mindful and I believe if other people practice mindfulness as well, our consumerism culture could probably begin to decrease.

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