My Sustainable Journey Blog 8

This week started off with learning communities 4, 5 and 6 doing their LOLA shows, which included me. I did my show over Herman Miller and their sustainability and their Aeron chair which is C2C certified. Learning more about Herman Miller was really cool because they are an involved company. What I mean by involved is that they really take a stand toward moving to a completely sustainable company and that they have good company values when it comes to their employees. They have a great wellness program that includes opportunities for employees to manage their well-being and healthfully integrate work and life including things like: one-on-one, on-site nutrition classes, mindfulness classes, organic food delivery service, free college coaching, emergency backup childcare and elder care and well-being reimbursements for bicycle purchase, weight-loss programs, and gym memberships. If you are at all interested in designing or working with furniture I would highly recommend looking into to working for Herman Miller!

I enjoyed listening to the other LOLA shows because this time they were more related to my field of interior design. I thought that learning community 4 did a really good job talking about biophillic design in health care and how they split it up and each talked about different products and designs that can be used. I think my favorite product would have to be the Sky Factory. In healthcare setting it can be difficult to get natural light into interior rooms due to privacy reasons. These artificial sky lights are a great solution to that problem! I also liked the idea of bringing a water feature into the design to help with keeping patients and caregivers calm and relaxed during the sometimes-stressful healthcare visits. Having the soothing sound and rhythm of a water feature I believe would be very beneficial to the health and wellbeing as long as it is properly designed and maintained. Lastly, I enjoyed learning about the eco-friendly wall coverings that are C2C. After learning about cradle to cradle products it makes me want to use more of them in my designs like the wall coverings made of bark because they are a great product and good for our environment while still looking really cool!

I found this week’s reading to be pretty interesting.  I really liked what it says about fashion and that clothing fits not only the need for warmth and protection but that it can also fit the need of many other things such as personal expression.  I feel as though clothing can represent so many things to different people and that it is extremely important to have clothing that also fits the need of a healthy environment. As an interior design major, I can draw the relation of this article to that interiors provide the need for warmth and protection but also personal expression. Just as with clothing you can see someone’s personality in their outfits you can also tell a lot about a person based on their homes and that it is important that an interior also fits the need of contributing to a healthy environment. I believe that consumer behavior is not going to change anytime soon about buying more, but if we have more sustainable products and materials along with a more sustainable manufacturing and business models that our bad consumer behavior and be more evenly spread out.

Our in-class activity was to design something based on either having, doing, being, or interacting. My decided to focus on interacting and designing an app that you would join to be more involved with your local music community. It would have a map where you could see different concerts and things that people were at or going to and you could interact with these new people to get a discounted referral to go to said concert or activity. Our app would fit the need of subsistence of a living environment and social setting, the needs of understanding, participation, creation, identity, and freedom.

Understanding different needs that our belongings fit is crazy to me. I look at my water bottle and the first need I think it fulfills is that it hydrates me, but the more I thought about it my bottle also fits the need of expression because its blue one of my favorite colors and I have personalized it with an elephant sticker. It also fits the need of sustainability because it is reusable and I use it every day instead of buying plastic, disposable bottles. One of the topics that fit needs that we talked about in class was the IKEA Flat Pack house. I think it is a really great design because it only has what you need and no extra stuff to distract you or get in the way. I’m not sure if I would really live in one but I enjoy the thought of it and its concept of minimalism.

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