They’re created made from thoughts, images, beliefs, assumptions, rules, meanings, and values; almost all of the time you do it without a second thought, because its not a conscious thought. They are Paradigms. They are the tiny lens you allow yourself to see out of. They are the what we build our structures off of. Off our structures we have our patterns, and off our patterns become our events.

Paradigms are our base that we build everything off of . They are built from your family, your friends, the community around you, and your entire society. Now more than ever its more convenient to just go on social media sites and state your view on every little thing that you’re heart desires to. I don’t especially agree with putting everything I think out on the internet it the best idea, not because I try to hide my views, but I think if someone were to disagree with my views it would be a lot easier for them to argue with a computer screen than a real person. I think “twitter fights” are useless and don’t get anything across, because people aren’t actually hearing each other out. They just have their head set one one thing and one thing only and when/ if they realize (on either side of the fight) they are wrong, they don’t own up to it and will just go back to repeating their original statement. At least that is what I have seen and why I choose not to go to the internet to share my views.

Right now, some modern paradigms state you “have to be wealthy to be successful”, “white people are privileged”, “African Americans are not”, etc. But what if we got rid of all of the paradigms? What if it was possible to fully have a clear head?  Maybe that would solve a lot of our problems. We would be able to discover things for ourselves and make our own thoughts without having anyone else’s views in our heads except for our own. To me, I think of it like a babies brain, just a sponge. They don’t know what their parents think about this person or this way of life, but they will get to experience it for themselves and learn for themselves; that is until they are old enough to start hearing, listening, and even sometimes being forced to see their parents views as they do.


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