Paradigms: The cause of our destruction?

As human beings we are creatures of habit and pattern. We surround ourselves daily with familiarities. Familiar people, familiar locations, and familiar situations. When we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations we can feel overwhelming and scared. It is important that we find mindfulness in these situations in anyway we can. The day we find peace in the unknown is the day we move toward solving our worlds most wicked problems.

Most of our world problems tend to show a trend of paradigms. Now whether people delegate the worlds problem mainly to that varies. People can argue that peoples unnerving will for no change has caused our wicked problems. This would be because they have become so set in their ways that they believe that anything different would unbalance the rest of their lives. Some argue that consumerism and materialism has clouded our judgment in the process of changing our ways. Over the years consumerism has just been getting worse and worse and there is little we can do to alleviate the high demand that comes with it. As new phones, cars, and toys are created people are convinced they need these mechanisms to show their worth but they are wrong. If as a race we gave up the idea of materialism and consumerism and moved toward conservatism our world would have drastic environmental and social effects for the better. We could set governmental laws to limit these effects, but they will not be resolved fully until people move to work together one issue at a time to reach at least a temporary solution and minimize the paradigms. If paradigms remain to be so relevant we will never fully achieve solutions for any problem that comes our way. Cooperation is the only way we can get through the issue of wicked problems and paradigms even though this could be extremely difficult due to many differing viewpoints but its the first step we must take.

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