Shifts in paradigms and minds

Mindful meditation is something everyone should experience. It opens up your mind to a completely different perspective of yourself that you didn’t even know was there. It challenges the individual to be present in the current moment. I think all of us are always too focused on the upcoming rather than the moment we are living in. Not only does meditation bring awareness to our selves but also to our surroundings. For me, it continued to affect my day even after the few minutes that we meditated. It has a way of clearing the mind of the fog of things that are unnecessary to think about in our daily lives and focus on more important things.

This practice made it easier to discuss the topic of paradigms and how they affect the culture we live in. Paradigms have a way of putting time into perspective. It is a complex concept because everyone has their own way of viewing everything. There can be individual paradigms, cultural paradigms, etc. However, we can all usually agree on how our culture today acts and the values that we hold as a group of people. The argument is if this cultural paradigm is compatible with sustainability. I don’t think the way we live today is sustainable. However, I know that we are all capable of making changes to our actions and beliefs. Maybe mindful meditation isn’t the solution for everyone, but if we all find a way to be present in the now I think it would be extremely beneficial.

There was a quote I read that was in the article this week that stood out to me. “In the 20th century the destiny of the human was the desolation of the Earth, now the desolation of the Earth may be the destiny of the human.” I like this because it implies that we are just in the beginning of a cultural shift. The future is bright and there is still hope. That is one thing we must remember about paradigms is that they are always shifting. This shift may be the most sustainable yet.

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