Sustainability paradigms and Mindfulness

One of the first aspects of sustainability is being aware of the situation. Mindfulness, often sought through meditation, is a way people can become more aware of not only themselves, but their environments and surroundings. Often, by clearing the mind through meditation, one can begin to think clearer and have more thoughts and ideas which can help them form their beliefs and values. These beliefs typically lead to action. This is a major part of paradigms, which influence our decision making, and increases the value of having a high level of mindfulness. Paradigms go largely undetected, unless you truly think about your own personal experiences and how they could influence your actions. By reading the “Taking sides” on globalization and western ideology and its effects on society, the two apparent sides become clear and show how much our own lenses we view the world under can affect our morals and ideas. These differences in ideology affect the aspects of how solutions can be found, making paradigms an influence on Wicked Problems and a sustainability issue.

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