Think and Design!

Another week with empathic design, but this one went too fast! Did two really amazing in-class activities that, elevated my knowledge regarding empathic design even more: Design probes package and Design slam. These activities were based on our comprehension of an article, focusing on the influence of probes design on the design process. The article discussed the importance to analyze every single detail of a particular environment or set up, to design a product for that environment. Design probes package was something entirely amazing. Apparently, it might seem very ordinary, but while working on the probes package design, I realized how important things are in my daily life, and how their designs influence my day-to-day work. I realized that I possess things that are useful to me according to their design and utility, or things that keep certain memories alive. Working on the probes package made me think from a designer’s perspective. To design for a particular cohort, a designer must understand the lifestyle and design a probes package to learn about the psychology, feelings, emotion, desires, passion, habit, and not to mention, profession of the end consumers. This understanding was further strengthened as I worked with my learning community for analyzing the probes package for another student. As I went through the package of another student, I learned about the fitness, passion, daily activities and complexities of lifestyle of that student. Having those ideas helped me to design a dress for that person which might address all those concerns and become a perfect fit. Eventually, during the follow-up, it appeared that my critical analysis was up to the point and the student actually liked that idea!

But the most interesting part of week two was the design slam, the real journey for empathic design. The problem was associated with an older adult having color vision problem. To work with that problem, I needed to research the root cause of the problem, and work on possible scientific as well useful, innovative solution. This was pretty challenging for me as it was outside my expertise and I had to dig through several research ideas to find out a viable solution. Eventually, the proposal of our learning group was acknowledged as a relevant solution for that older adult. Working with the design slam taught me how challenging empathic design can be in reality. These in-class activities also gave me a thought for my final project, where I am planning to work with adult, having similar color vision problem, so I could come up with a more sophisticated solution.



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