Week 10

We’re already done with week 10??? Time must seem to be flying by since it’s senior year. It’s amazing.

This week in class we watched groups present their Lola show topics, talked about human needs, created with our learning communities, and did a happiness exercise.

Being in the audience during the Lola shows can be either boring or intriguing. It can be hard to pay attention sometimes because of the long time period spent in class. However, this weeks presenters really had a way of grabbing my attention. A few topics I found interesting were: the bark house, the healing garden, and the use of water to relax. I think the idea of incorporating healing gardens in places like retirement homes, hospitals, or anywhere where people may need a comforting place, is a great idea. I know how being surrounded by nature makes me feel and this really has the potential to help people’s mood.

What are human needs? How do we design for them? We talked about and went through Neef’s martrix. This is a chart put together that breaks down the being, having, doing, and interaction of human needs. Being represents qualities, having represents actual things, doing represents actions, and interacting represents the setting. The setting is the place where these things take place. We also talked about the little brown dress, which was quite interesting. An artist decided to sew and design a brown dress that she wore everyday for a full year. She added accessories and layering pieces as needed for the different seasons, but she did not go out and buy a full new outfit. She did this to reject the over-consumption of clothing and to take a detox from buying.

Lastly, we completed a happiness survey which asked us questions related to how we feel and what we rate those feelings. It was kind of cool, but having to rate the questions just made me realize how much I need to get my life together. Haha!

Let’s go on to week 11, go pokes!

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1 Response to Week 10

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Detox from buying?
    Well, I always try to remind people . . .
    Anyway, I do not want to start another rant.

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