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Week 10 came and went! We successfully completed our 2nd LOLA show last week. I thoroughly enjoyed Learning Community #4 take on Biophillic Design in Healthcare. I found the Sky Factory products quite interesting and enjoyed the fact that Shelby honed in and focused her attention on how they contributed to patient’s health through biophilla. Another aspect of biophilla that was presented at the LOLA show was the use of biomorphic forms and patterns. Striving to use all 14 Patterns of design is crucial in biophillic design, and although they all only mention that their products mention only two, upon looking at the patterns again they seemed to touch on a few more. The Healing Garden and the Use of Water LOLA Shows I think tied into our lesson very well for the week. These as well as the Sky Factory are all present in hospitals to modify the way that we as people feel in that setting to make us comfortable. This just goes to show that human need is a huge factor when it comes to design.  We have to consider what people want, and often what we don’t realize what we want when it comes to creating a space.  Emotional attachment to things such as spaces or even articles of clothing can play a huge factor in someone’s life. We have to consider how a space can make a person feel.  This comes into play when you think of healthcare to me seeing as most people experience a tragedy of some kind in a healthcare space, or are there for a significant amount of time.  As an Interior Designer I want to be able to design empathically and create spaces that make individuals feel comfortable, that reminds them to live, and thrive.

Another LOLA show that I found very interesting as a designer was the presentation over Bark House, a cradle to cradle certified wall covering that is being used in interior design, as well as on the exteriors of structures. I coincidently chose it as one of my C2C product for my LOLA Show presentation as well. I had never heard of the product or company prior to researching for the LOLA show. I focused more on the product whereas Kyleigh thoroughly went into depth with the whole process and company. I’m glad she took that approached and thoroughly enjoyed it.

My own LOLA Show, covered three different Cradle to Cradle Wall-Coverings; Biobased Xorel, Bark House Popular Panels, and Mosa Murals. Each was C2C certified, which as and Interior Designer, makes them a great option for designing sustainably. Upon my research I was very impressed that companies are striving to make such products. They are not only sustainable, they are stylish and as I designer I would actually specify them. Also impressive is not only the apparent quality of the products, but also how each of the companies have a significant dedication to sustainability and how they have taken that a step further and incorporated that into their core values as a company. This is how it starts this is how we spark change, by companies like these taken the initiative and setting such standards. We automatically raise the bar for other companies and demand more. If we as companies incorporate the Matrix of Needs; being, having, doing, and interacting into our products, upon meeting just one, we are already designing better and taken steps in the right direction of designing such products.

The Matrix of Needs can contribute to designs by providing guidelines as to the direction in which where the product/idea should go. The first box of the matrix, being, includes the characteristics of autonomy, passion, and esteem. The second box, having, can be understood by the example of human rights, things that all things have regardless of demographics. The third box, doing, can be explained by developing awareness, an action that is required to partake in this box. The fourth and last box, interacting, can occur in any space at any time.

The little brown dress was interesting as you got to see how one article of clothing can be versatile in ways that you would not think to use.  It really puts into perspective the amount of clothing items I hold on to thinking “oh, I will lose weight!” or “I will wear this when I something to dress up for!” or even “I just love this so much!” Really this is just sad, but it’s the world we live in. I applaud her for wearing the same item for a whole year, because social expectance especially with girls is a monster. I think what should be taken from this, is simple strive to reduce our closets and our buying. Once we realize that we can live with less, not just clothing, in general, we will start to see big changes in our world.


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Being a native of Texas, I have a passion for both design and people. I try to live my life to the fullest and walk by faith. Although often, I fall short of both of these task God's grace never fails me. I am blessed beyond belief with life and my beautiful little family.
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