Blog 8

The LOLA topics that I found really interesting were the ones that talked about incorporating water and gardens into designs. I think that this allows people to feel calmer even within a stressful situation like ones found at the hospital. Also incorporating skylights into medical rooms because people can tend to feel very closed in and if they are able to see the sky during minor surgeries that they have to stay awake for or for when they have to do scans that may be able to remain calm.

I think that society has pushed onto us the importance of buying things that we don’t really need. So when we were doing the in class activity that had us create a service rather than a product was interesting because It made us think in a way that we don’t normally do. Usually we fix our problems by getting things and hoping that it will fix our problems in some way, usually our emotional problems. However, sometimes it’s better to have a service and interact with someone rather than have an object.

I found the little brown dress article interesting because she wore the same dress every day for a year. I was amazed at how many uses she had for the dress and how she was able to incorporate the dress into her lifestyle. I don’t think that I could ever do that, because once it starts to get visibly worn out I feel as though I got my use out of the object and I move on. So to continue using the object after that fact would be hard for me. As well as to not worry that I look sloppy in the way that Im presenting myself to people because the object would probably look very worn at that point. Even though appearance isn’t the most important thing, first impressions are pretty important and I want to make sure that im presenting myself in a way that I would be happy with.


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