Blog 8 Human Needs

I liked the LOLA about incorporating biophilia into hospitals. Nature can be healing so incorporating life around people can make people feel more comfortable. I also liked the LOLA about having water in a space. Water is one of the most important part of life, we couldn’t survive without it. I find being around water very relaxing weather its being at the lake or watching the fish in my friends home. The other LOLA I liked was about Cradle 2 Cradle wall coverings. I love wall coverings, but until now I didn’t think they were a sustainable option in design. I love hearing about how finish manufactures are starting to get creative as they make sustainable products.


The reading focused on how we need clothing for protection and warmth. People also like to use clothing as a way of personal expression. We want a way to express ourselves and another way to do that is through interior design. We don’t need something to be stylish, but if we like it, it’s worth it.


My learning community got the opportunity to work with Emily this week. We decided to focus on interaction for the design activity. We decided to design an app to bring music lovers together. An individual would be able to connect with people through sharing music as well as a discounted price to concerts. It brings people together through a social media as well as in person when they meet each other at the concert.


I liked the idea of the little brown dress. I’ve seen people wear the same piece of clothing for long periods and few people notice. They would style the piece of clothing differently with accessories, similar to Alex Martin. She wanted to challenge herself to reject the economic system. It reminds me of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg who wear the same clothing over and over because it’s less decisions they have to make reducing stress and expense and being iconic at the same time.


Threadless is a company that encourages artists to get their work out into the world by printing it on tee shirts. According to the human needs model it follows Having by fulfilling the need for creativity with skills and techniques. It includes Doing by sharing art and participating in co-ops with other artists. This brings artists and lovers of art together, interacting.

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