Blog 9

I learned from the reading that in poor countries the people there do not need money, they need a way to earn money. That’s how Kickstart a deep-water pump came to be made for the people living in the poor countries. This design helped 80,000 people around the world. Activism design is about making resources equal for everyone by balancing resources. It’s about making sure the person next to you has a good life just like you do. You don’t have more than the other person. Everyone is equal. Active design is about designing to put money in your own back pocket and for niche groups. A way that I would help those who are hungry would be to take all of my left over meals (especially if I cook to much) and give it to people who are hungry and need it. It may not seem like much is going to change if only one person is doing it but if everyone would do that instead of throwing food away or even saving it in your fridge then it would help with hunger. For my group’s sustainable Halloween party we came up with the idea for a pumpkin party. Everything would be made out of pumpkins. We would have pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bowls (after you took out the insides). You can use the pumpkins as decorations once you are finished with the pumpkin insides. I learned from Maria Thiry that 90% of the companies that say they are sustainable are not really. They just say they are sustainable so that people who are very sustainable will buy their products. For consumers most of them don’t care if the brand is sustainable or not as long as its comfortable and fashionable they will wear it. If a sustainable piece of clothing could be fashionable and comfortable than consumers would buy it. Wal-Mart adopted the higgs index to help with their sales. The higgs system tells you on a scale of 1-10 how sustainable something is. Most brands don’t know that their clothes are not made to be sustainable because manufactures will lie to them about how they are made.

By: Hayley Taylor

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