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Spreading the Wealth not the Toxins

The Tim Brown reading came onto my computer backwards the first time I tried to read it so I was very confused finally I figured it out and was able to read it. Tim Brown talked about how we needed to find a solution to get design thinkers globally. This idea would help the poor countries to gain money and jobs. He also mentioned how we needed to be creative, and educated. I really thought this reading related well to our design activism lecture. Design activism is all about new ideas and bringing change. I think it is something we all need to think about when coming up with a design is who will it impact and how will it change the person. Active design is more about getting communities to become more active. I remember looking at many of these urban areas that encourages people to be outside and riding bikes or walking.

I am going to reflect on a store environment relating to natural capital, which is using natural resources and human capital, which is the skills and knowledge people gain from the environment. I am going to choose Anthropologie at anthropologie the natural capital is in the visual merchandising you can really see how they reuse products and build their own structures out of nature. They also have many plants around the store. The human capital there is something I know about personally because I had an internship with them. They educate their workers very well before putting them to work. They treat everyone as equal and are very fair. I learned so many things while working for them. The environment was very positive. I learned how to work their computer system, receive and sort orders a long with many other everyday tasks. We all worked as a team and it was a great experience. I think the company as a whole could probably work to be more sustainable and be more cautious about waste.

I think world hunger is a very big problem in today’s world. People are dying everyday from starvation. It aggravates me because others are eating too much while some are not eating at all because they can afford to. This problem has been looked at many times and is a hard problem to solve. I think in order to solve it we need to figure out some sort of food to grow in the areas struggling most, this will provide jobs and fill empty stomachs. In order to do this we need to send some scientist their way!

Another thing we did in class was the sustainable Halloween party plan. My group struggled a little with this idea. We came up with a lot of the same ideas as the other students. The best ideas we had were things such as using dishes so that there would be no waste and candles as lighting, just to name a few. Another idea was that the costumes our guest would wear would have to be a DYI or from a thrift shop. I really found this activity helpful because it got me thinking about making my own Thanksgiving party more sustainable. I will be using some of the ideas we came up with for sure.

The AATCC talk with Maria was very neat. I found it so crazy when she mentioned the company that was dumping into the ocean. I think this relates to last week when we talked about how protesting from a company as a consumer really has a large impact. She also talked about employee rights and the companies that have pledge to be better by 2020. I really enjoyed listening to her beneficial talk. And I think it relates to class perfectly.

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