Blog 9

The Tim Brown article spoke about how designers globally need to not only think creatively but educated as well. I think this concept is key for design activism, and knowing who your target market is and how to approach a wide range group of people with a design that can adapt to several. Design Activism is more about designing for an active community as a whole group, i believe that this is a great concept to get large groups out and about within a healthier community.

A place that comes to mind for relates to natural and human capital would be a coffee shop or a library both of which have been designed with the human capital in consideration as it relates to learning or studying, from a designers point of view both store environments are pretty solid in design but could always incorporate new ways of studying or educating ones self within the building.

There are major problems in our own countries such as hunger and poverty, millions of people go hungry or are homeless and while some try their hardest to prevent the worst some cases are inevitable. My personal contribution is giving back to the homeless by donating coats, shoes, clothing to ones who have no where to sleep during the harsh seasons, while i cant provide an environment that protects from the outside the least i can do is help them stay worm or shelter their bodies from harsh weather.

In lecture we had to create a sustainable Halloween party and some ideas got a little silly but made it fun. My personal concept was to create costumes using only recycled material but the contest would be to incorporate nature as a form of biomimicry and industrial design, as a sustainable energy source the more you danced and partied on the dance floor the more you would generate energy to provide some lighting and possibly a photo booth. At the end of the night all food that was not eaten would be handed out to homeless or ones in need of food as the party paraded down streets much like christmas carolers, relating to the human needs.

Within this same lecture Maria Thiry who is apart of AATCC stopped by and presented about the sustainability within some companies that provide textiles. I previously had her present in a course earlier that day and it was interesting to see two different perspectives from her as it related to sustainable design and production, she spoke heavily on various corporations who either were good or bad about having a sustainable production line. These stories i found bringing a new view on companies that i buy from and learning about the pros and cons of their practices really opened my eyes on where i should research before buying from a large company.

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