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It’s NOVEMBER! Just a few more weeks until the semester is over! I am getting very excited about the holidays and graduation and I’m excited to see what the future holds. During week 11, we were to read an article by Tim Brown about design activism. Social issues are, by definition, human-centered. It is our job to use design thinking to create successful investments and designs that help balance business sustainability and social impact. Design activism is creating something that changes the world for the better and helps to prevent someone from having to go without – such as problems like people not having access to clean water or toilets. Active design is something that creates the opportunity for someone to exercise or be “active” in whatever they’re doing and that promotes healthy living. I enjoyed reading about the experiment at Stanford where it serves a unique environment where graduate students in various different fields of study can come together and work on collaborative design projects in the public interest. This brings a great deal of perspectives from all different backgrounds to research and brainstorm and creates a diverse environment which can potentially create a better design or outcome.

The two “banks” of primary capital are natural and human. Natural capital relates to how much money it could potentially make (asset) and the human capital refers to emotion or spiritual connection or judgement upon something. A natural good can either be made with non-renewable or renewable resources. A human good can be made with cheap labor & mass produced or with a social and specialized skill to reduce poverty. The consumer is the one with the upper hand. If the consumer does not like the way something is being produced, they don’t have to buy it. It’s important to have values and standards to live by and help to push sustainable practices. We need to be aware of the way our clothing is made and the labor and social practices the company uses that we are buying from. It is important we stop promoting or encouraging these bad practices and by doing so, we can potentially create a change for the way things are created. We, as consumers, have a HUGE say in sales because we can refuse to buy whatever item/brand we want – which will force them into making changes.

I have moments where I get really involved in something and want to be part of something bigger than me. My family is really big into going out of their way to help others, so I’ve grown up just doing that for others without even thinking twice. There are so many problems in the world that need immediate attention, yet there’s only a few people actually doing something about it. We can feel sorry for someone or be sad someone is going without, but to actually stop and go out of our way to help others is pretty rare. It takes a special person with a determination and drive or passion to make a change. It really bothers me that there are so many clothes being thrown away in landfills each year. About twice a year, I go through my clothes and get rid of the pieces I never wear anymore. I have a big family so I have always just given my clothes to my little cousins when I no longer want them. Going into the apparel industry after graduation, I hope to come across someone who I can collaborate with to help create fabrics that break down easily or some kind of system where we can take our clothes there and they be redistributed and used for other purposes to eliminate waste.

Our learning community’s Halloween Party Concept was to utilize pumpkins in everything we did. We would grow our own pumpkins, use them for the food, use the vines for decoration, use them for bowls to put our food in, maybe create games using pumpkins, etc. We also had the idea that in order to get in the party, you have to bring canned food items and then we would collect all of them and take them to a local food bank. I was out on Thursday, so I missed the talk from Maria Thiry, but I hope to get with my team this next week and discuss what was said.

Looking forward to Week 12 & our upcoming project with Mr. Vincent!

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I am a senior Apparel Merchandising major at Oklahoma State University graduating in December 2017!
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