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The Tom Brown article talked about design thinking and started off by using examples from poorer places. It talked about how places like Africa they need to design for the poor focusing on the cost for the designs. The products need to be designed with easily repairing and inexpensive replacing. They also mentioned how for farmers Americans would take out loans and pay over time while they would repay in one growing period. It mentioned how the key to design thinking is to release the imagination of the team with having flexibility and enough specificity for its ideas. It used an example about obesity and that you have to move from thinking about curing it to how to prevent this from happening. I liked the Edible Schoolyard idea that was about to encourage schools to grow their produce and also educate the kids on where the food was coming from. Design thinking is about focusing on problems and finding solutions that can be carried over time.


I think the topic I did for my LOLA show (Kickstarter headquarters building) connects also with human capital. This connects with human capital because the building was designed in a way for the workers inside to be comfortable and fit their needs to work efficiently. There’s different parts inside the building like comfortable cusion seats instead of regular work desks that workers can use, seats outside near the garden to relax and work also, and the building as floor to ceiling windows allowing natural light. This fits with human capital because human capital is about humans thoughts and needs and also nature, not just about their economic needs.


A problem in the world would be just homeless people in general that need basic things to live a healthy life. I could help the homeless by donating my old clothing items I don’t want or use anymore instead of throwing them out or giving them to my friends.


The AATCC talk was interesting. I liked how broad the group is and its not just 100% about sustainability, there’s other parts to it as well. The magazines were cool to see also. I found the nike part of the talk really interesting because I never knew that they would pour the bad chemicals into the river in the middle of the night. This was eye opening because sometimes you don’t know what bad things companies do that hurt the environment.

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