Blog 9

I found the part about designing future design thinkers really interesting. He talks about how our school system basically beats creativity out of us and makes us analytical thinkers. I’ve noticed that since I graduated high school. If you had asked me if I found myself creative the day I graduated high school I would have told you no. However, during my college career I have had professors nurture my creativity and now I see myself as a creative person whereas before I did not.

I think design activism is really important. I believe it is important because we should have activism in the way we design or there is no need or reason to design. There is no creativity if we don’t design this way. This way of designing is also focused extremely on extreme users and cost. Design activism is at is basic form designing for needs. Those needs can be broad but that is what we are trying to do with design activism. Active design is different because it is usually involved in urban planning and is used to support healthy communities. While I think design, activism can be used for healthy communities I don’t think it only happens in urban planning.

When I think of clothing that involves human and natural capital I think of a clothing that is sourced and produced and that is also made by workers who are treated fairly. A clothing brand that instantly comes to mind is one we talked about in class called Zero Waste Daniel. They take very good care of their workers and all of their materials are sourced from scrap material I believe that these garments involve both human and natural capital. The only thing I think could be done differently is finding larger scraps so that there can be bigger pieces of fabric used in these garments don’t look so pieced together. However, I believe that this also adds to the designs of some of the garments.

I think a problem that needs immediate attention is hunger. I did an internship in Oklahoma city and I never knew how large the homeless population was there. I think the reason I and a lot of others don’t know is because this isn’t an issue we talk about. People turn a blind eye and act like they aren’t there. The best way I have been able to combat this pressing issue is volunteering my time to food drives and soup kitchens and also donating foods to these things to be able to help with the hunger problem.

Our sustainable Halloween Concept started early by planting pumpkins before the party. After the pumpkins are full grown we would harvest them and use them for food and plates and decorations. We would also harvest the seeds from the pumpkins to use for next year’s Halloween party. We would also use Halloween costumes that were sourced from recycled materials or from a second hand store and we can trade these costumes to use for years to come. We also decided to only use other foods that came in biodegradable wrappers.

The AATCC talk was very interesting but the concept I found the most interesting was when she talked about green washing. I see advertisements all the time claiming to be green but I never thought to fact check and make sure these companies are actually green. I also think its sad that companies want to benefit from this rather than just become a green company and try to make a difference. This will make me do much more research into companies that I am buying green products from.

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