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In Tim Brown’s article, I really liked how he discussed Nike and the work they have done to try to relate to the way people use their products and how they can further improve them. I see this as a very positive way that brands can become even more involved with the way their products are being used across the board and think it is brilliant. I know my Fitbit has kept me accountable on days when I didn’t want to. It even encouraged me run circles around my kitchen one night trying to hit 10,000 steps before midnight just because I wanted to see the dad gum fireworks burst across the screen.

I think the idea of design activism is really neat. While active design is done to encourage a healthier lifestyle, design activism is being more active in design to help it better meet the needs of the individuals its reaching.  This is such an important thing because what we use on a day to day basis effects how we live our lives.

The way outdoor stores are set up definitely relate to the human capital it is trying to reach.  I know personally, my family are big hunters so stores like Cabela’s and Bass Pro are places we frequent quite a bit.  The way they lure in the consumer and really harp on service and how knowledgeable they are is helpful. But also, the way they have it setup is so user friendly and easily navigable. Everything has its place and everyone who frequents those stores knows the layout.

I think the idea of not having food is the saddest issue to me.  I hope that one day my store might have a place for donations in return for a certain percentage off of their purchase. I really like that idea and the change it could bring to the world.

Personally, I thought our groups Halloween party idea was awesome.  I didn’t think another group was going to come up with the idea to grow their own pumpkins so I was glad I knew up how long It took for them to be completely harvestable. I thought our idea to share costumes from previous years was really fun because not only is it sustainable because you’re not creating more waste, it gives that individual the opportunity to put their own spin on the costume and the idea behind it.  I would sure as heck attend the party, it sounded like a ton of fun!

Something that stuck out to me during Maria’s talk was that one of the most sustainable areas in the design world is the commercial carpet industry. Who would have thought!  The group that once was just piling up countless landfills with discarded carpet began to be taxed for the harm they were causing, this nudged them to begin recycling their materials and using it in new products. The second most sustainable area is outdoor wear. With companies, such as REI and Patagonia desiring to make sure those who are outside taking in the beauty of nature are enjoying it in the best way possible, by wearing clothing that doesn’t harm the environment.  This is good because the fashion apparel industry is the least sustainable— fast fashion while nice and “fast” is so harmful due to the rate at which it is produced and the quantity that is desired.

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