Blog 9

While reading Tim Brown’s reading and thinking about design activism, I liked how it began talking about a challenging design proposal taking over a box of cigarettes. The rise of design thinking corresponds to a culture change that excites the best thinkers and to apply their skills to problems that actually matter… I found it exciting that all these creative designers had traveled the world with the desire to reach out and design for those in need. This article definitely made empathic design a reality. I believe that design activism is constantly working for the benefit of others, while active design is just existing as a designer. Also, from the lecture I remember us discussing the distinction to be targeted to a very broad audience and its intent is for the high good of many (most inclusive design paradigm). It does not require professional training in a specific discipline, and lastly other design processes may cater to niches and are largely driven by economic interests.

The sustainable Halloween party concept was fun. We would invite our guests into our party by bringing left over party food, wearing sustainable or re used costumes, and we would grow our own pumpkins and use them for cooking at the party… There were multiple ideas bounced around throughout the room about reusing pumpkin sources.

I am very familiar with AATCC and have been a member throughout my time in college. It was cool to hear a representative talk abut articles and ideas that you do not hear about on the website or newsletters. For example all the updates and articles about the Green Peace’s dirty laundry report on apparel companies in the industry. I liked the one about Nike especially, how interesting! It just makes you think and realize how unsustainable most companies really are, even if they say they are sustainable.

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