Blog 9

This week I    learned a lot about design activism as well as textile sustainability.  Throughout the article Change by design by Tim brown, I    learned a lot about the importance of starting sustainably with young generations to increase the knowledge and likelihood of saving the environment in which we live within. I    really liked the concept of creating parks in troubled areas to help defer kids from joining in illegal activities.  I    also felt that the concept of consumers valuing the eco solutions in order to implement a sustainable design, to be the most important lesson I    learned this week.  It is critical for our future generations to understand that design activism manifests in many different forms and it is important think outside of the box when creating ideas for our future environment.

The Textile Sustainability presentation by Maria Thiry, was extremely informative.  one of the facts she stated that I    found most shocking was that at one time, only 20% of the fibers had to be organic to be labeled as a “organic” garment.  This shows that although sustainability has not always been valued by our culture, we have improved our quality standard.  Through organizations like Greenpeace, and many others, we have began holding companies accountable for their sustainability practices and educated many individuals on the importance sustainability plays throughout our society.  Ms. Thiry touched on many topics that we have already learned about such as the three pillars sustainability, people, planet, profit; as well as the High index.  Overall, her presentation was a great summarization of concepts we have learned throughout this course, as well as great facts that I    was not aware of until this presentation.

Overall I    learned a lot this week and feel as though the lessons I    learned will help me exploit a more sustainable lifestyle for my future.

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