Blog 9-DHM 4573

Blog 9 DHM 4573


It serves as a unique environment where graduate students in fields as medicine, business, law and engineering can come together to work on collaborative design projects in public interest. The d-school encourage human centered research, brainstorming and prototyping in every student’s project. When kids are in school we need to learn to nurture their natural born talents and keep that instilled in them, instead of driving it out of them. We have to teach our children with the most modern type of teaching methods we can’t teach them with old techniques and expect them to thrive in this fast paced world.

Farming in America is so much different than in other countries, here we take way more chances. We may take out a loan here for a really expensive tractor, but in other countries they can’t take risks like that. They may have things that last only 1 to 2 season whereas our irrigation may last a decade or two.

Design activism and active design, in design activism you are designing to change things and make them different. With active design is development that is planning solutions to have a healthier communities.

We design store environments with what people want in mind, we try to make the area inviting and put people in the mood to buy things. For instance we may have a store interior made from all recycled materials, people are going to appreciate you effort and that brings them in the door. You may have clothing racks that look like trees or nature, the outdoors brings people in and makes them want to shop with the retailer.  Sometime you will walk into a store and the music will be so loud and obnoxious that you don’t even want to shop. When you walk into a store your first reaction will either keep you in or out!

There are problems right here within our own communities, everyone always wants to go to other countries to help when we have people that need help here. I will donate clothes to the local shelter for kids to have a jacket for the winter months ahead. Christmas is coming up and I would like to find a child who may not have any presents to open on the special day, kids shouldn’t go without anything to open. They don’t understand that, even if it’s a jacket, shoes, backpack just the necessities they are so appreciative of the things they need.

We talked about having a Halloween party with all recycled items, reuse Halloween costumes or clothing we already have. Using utensils that are edible and plates that are made from recycled goods that break down into compost. Making our candy to hand out, this way we don’t have little pieces of paper to go into landfills. Planting our own pumpkins about 90 to 120 days before Halloween will prepare us to have plenty of pumpkins, which will be a fraction of the cost. We will be able to make pumpkin pies, pumpkin seeds and use the remaining for other foods!

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