Blog #9 Madeline Manning

Blog #9


I found it very interesting in the article that this idea of design activism has originated since the beginning of time. Peoples mind has thought of designing for peoples needs. I think that it is also interesting how people design for the income sector that they are targeting. I also find it interesting how many specific designs could be recalled pertaining to design activism. All over the world people are working to make peoples lives significantly easier.


I liked the aspect that they were targeting a group of people with a problem not just designing for a single person. They take a group of people that have issue that needs to be solved and design for that large group of people. In regards to active design people are taking an idea and creating it into something more unique. They are not taking a large problem; they are taking small problem and specifically designing for them.


I think that hunger in our world needs immediate attention. The idea that we as people waste so much food yet there are so many people starving. I think that we need to first start as individuals working hardtop eliminate the personal food that we waste. I know personally I buy produce and groceries and forget that I buy them and they just go straight to waste. After we make and effort to eliminate the food waste we need to give back to our community. For example grocery stores should have special deals where if you buy this food item one will be donated. Another idea could be at the end of your transaction you can donate a certain amount and that will donate X number of meals to people in need, either in your local community or foreign countries.


Human capital is idea that we designing for peoples thoughts, beliefs and nature, not just for their economic needs. I am thinking of the library, it is place that was created with human capital in mind. Each floor is created specifically the way each person thinks. One for the group thinker, one for the silent thinker and the rest is in between. It is a place where you can share ideas and learn about your peers. I think it could be changed a little with nature in mind. The 4th floor is the only place with windows. Studies have shown that nature enhances people thinking. I think that more natural light needs to be added.


We decided to make our Halloween party all outdoors, we not only want to make it sustainable, but we also want our guest to appreciate the great outdoors. We will use solar power to power our party completely. We also did some research on silver ware and we found edible, tableware. I would attend our sustainable Halloween party.


We learned AATCC is no longer named that because they are not only an American group, and because they are not just chemist. AATCC helps smooth commerce within the textiles industry. For every fabric there is laws and test that come with the production, with these laws and test comes money. For example in production of Cashmere they use these laws and test, so people do not replace Cashmere for a cheaper fur called Yak.

Their focus is solely on the textile industry, they only use test methods and evaluation procedures. It takes 3 years to get a test up and running because each company has to have one so the test that the run is fair. People all over the world use these test methods, some take AATCC test methods and rework it to make it their own. The test methods cater to mostly North American lifestyle.


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